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Residential Garage Doors

Garage Doors and Windows has a wide range of selections, including your favorite manufacturers, such as C.H.I. Garage Doors, Deluxe, Overhead Doors, Holmes, Unique, Amarr, Cloplay Building Produts, Sunwood Doors, and many more. Our vast collection consists of an immense variety of styles, colors, materials, and types that will fit right into your home.

Garage Door Styles

We offer plentiful styles that accompany your lifestyle. For the timeless, classic home we can provide you with the option of a short panel and long panel. On the other hand, Garage Doors and Windows can also supply the one of a kind residence with the antique carriage house panel and the Lexington panel, or patent design. Whichever style accommodates your home we can assure you, we carry it and much more.

Garage Door Colors

Color schemes are essential in every aspect of your house, thus counting your garage door. Garage Doors and Windows contain the ageless traditional colors white, almond, sandstone, and brown in most models. To accommodate the “cabin” home, dark finish and light finish wood like colors are included in our inventory. For the durable house, we provide the metal garage doors in copper, stainless steel, and galvanized.

Garage Door Types

In the sub category of steel doors, Garage Doors and Windows provide diverse types. For protection from the heat and the cold, vinyl backed full insulated and steel back are the best selection. Although, if you prefer we also offer the fully metal non insulated model.

Garage Door Materials

The right material is crucial to the aspect of your garage door. Fully aware of that concept, Garage Doors and Windows provide different materials accessible to our customers. Steel, fiberglass, and wood are our top selling dependable materials. However, we also supply the metal materials of copper, stainless, and galvanized for that elegant industrial finish.

Garage Door Windows

Depending if you prefer windows or no windows, Garage Doors and Windows has it all. Adding windows to your garage doors provides you with the opportunity to customize and add style and beauty to your home with little damage to your pocket. Click here to view our large selection of garage door windows.